Clicking off Wins in TDS

It has been a long time since the last update but that doesn’t mean we’ve been slacking at all.  3 more events have gone down in the past month alone as we push to finish off TDS. Last nights event was a win but a bloodbath bodies strewn everywhere and much rezing to do.  A lot was learned and it should go much cleaner next run.  Something about standing over a bunch of corpses after a win really makes you feel like you’ve given your all though.EQ000044EQ000099 EQ000096 EQ000097 EQ000098

First win of 2015

It was a slow start for LU but after a couple weeks off and stuffing our faces with cookies and various food stuffs we dropped our first TDS event.  It was a long time coming but the momentum has shifted and we are rolling again.  Happy 2015! Read more →


Filling the Void

We sent Lady Lendiniara back to EQ2 where she belongs and Lanys ran down to the bottom of TBS. Who knows what will be in the future but LU will be there to face it.  Call of the Forsaken is done!   Read more →

Happy 4th of July

The festivities started last night with a win in the Tower of Rot. This raid although a bit ZZzzzzz for the 1st 75% turned into a rock’em sock’em old school EQ title fight type event. One of those events that gets the heart pounding until the mob is dead. We wanted to celebrate in zone our victory but unfortunately we… Read more →